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The following is a description of a CapaInstaller OS deployment point, its purpose and functionality. A CapaInstaller OS deployment point is a logical collection of necessary objects required to perform a successful OS deployment. A CapaInstaller OS deployment point contains the objects shown below. Numerous OS deployment points may exist and there may be a relation between these. The idea is to have separate environments for building, testing and implementation. By building a robust process around OS Deployment, you achieve high quality and a more flexible environment where both development and implementation can take place at the same time without any interference.



CapaInstaller OS deployment client

For further details, OS Deployment client.

Windows PE

For further details, WinPE.


For further details, Models.


For further details, Images.


For further details, Drivers.

Field descriptions




Specify a name for the CapaInstaller OS deployment point.

Server name

Specify the name of the server on which you want the CapaInstaller OS Deployment point to be installed.

Share name

Specify the name of the share on which you want the CapaInstaller OS Deployment point to be placed. Be aware that the share name will be reused when the CapaInstaller OS Deployment server is installed.

Local folder

Specify the local device on which you want the share to be created.


Enter a description of the CapaInstaller OS Deployment point.

Master deployment point

Select the relation to other CapaInstaller OS deployment points.


Enter a custom description that will be added to the change log.

Right-clicking on a deployment
point gives you the following options:




Creates a new deployment point, Create a new OS Deployment point to learn how. You can also create a new image, driver or script from this menu.


Lets you promote the items on the CapaInstaller OS Deployment Point (DP) to another DP. This can only be done if a child DP has been created.



Lets you configure the OSD loader, the OSD GUI and the installation types. For further details, Configure an OS Deployment point.

Disk Configuration

Lets you configure the disk. For further details, Configure a disk.


Lets you delete the deployment point. You are asked to confirm this.

To be able to delete an OS deployment point, you have to first delete the created OS deployment server.


Displays the properties for the deployment point.
You can change the name and description.


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