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This document describes the general guidelines for deploying a CapaInstaller Agent to a computer running Microsoft Windows.

In order to establish a management connection, you need to install the CapaInstaller Agent on all the computers you want to manage.

This can be done in a number of ways depending on your environment.

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 Deployment during OS Installation

Enable automatic deployment of configured agents using the integration option when setting the OSD server properties.

  1. Locate the server from where to deploy the agents
  2. Right-click and select properties
  3. Choose the Integration tab and configure the IP ranges and points

Read more about OSD server properties

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 Deployment with CapaInstaller Console

In an infrastructure with a number of already deployed computers, you need to deploy an agent to be able to manage them with CapaInstaller.


Agents can be deployed from both System Administration or Configuration Management in the CapaInstaller Console.


Read more:

How to Deploy the CapaInstaller Agent to an existing installation

How to Configure the Agent

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 Manual Deployment

With administrative access, it is also possible to perform the Agent installation manually.

  1. Download the CapaInstallerAgentSetup.exe and the corresponding configuration file from the /Resources/AgentInstaller folder on the Configuration Management Point share
  2. Run the installer and follow the guide OR run the installer silently on a command line with parameters

Commandline example:

CapaInstallerAgentSetup.exe /L*v "C:\temp\CapaInstallerAgentSetup.log" /qn REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS

Read more about CapaInstallerAgentSetup.exe

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 Other Deployment Solutions

As the agent installer only needs a command line to be deployed, many different deployment solutions can be used to deploy the CapaInstaller Agent.


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With a solution in place that can execute installation files on remote computers, you can create a command-line installation script that suits your organization and add this to the solution. Read more about CapaInstallerAgentSetup.exe

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With an Active Directory implemented, one possible way to deploy is to create an Active Directory Group Policy that runs an agent deployment script when the computer starts up. This approach delivers great flexibility in the way the agent is deployed but also requires some level of experience with Active Directory and scripting.

Read more about how to Assign Computer Startup Scripts